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This page of offers free jigsaw puzzles online for kids. We especially have chosen photos and wallpapers for kids puzzles of the first known pets and animals by very young children / toddlers and up. These online puzzles of baby pets and baby animals are very attractive and aducational for children. The puzzle games on this page start with 6 pieces. You can choose for more pieces if you like. Puzzles online help children to develop fine motor skills and mouse control.

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Animals and Pets kids online jigsaw games


 Animals and pets
 Kids games
 Pets for kids

     young animals    piglet    chickens
     young animals    piglet    chickens
     Hedgehog    cat and rabbit    Puppy
     hedgehog    rabbit and cat    puppy
     Kitten and Ducklings    Hamster    Chick and Egg
     kitten and ducklings    hamster    chick and egg
     Kitten    Foal    Guinea pig
     kitten in a bucket    foal    guinea pig


              Dogs, horses and cats

                Online jigsaw puzzles of dogs, cats, horses and poneys
              Floor Puzzle For Little One

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