On this page OnlineJigsawPuzzles.net offers free online jigsaw puzzles of babies and kids. The kids and baby photos were taken by Arja Peels who is the owner of Studio Calimero. You can choose from a variety of baby and kids puzzles and also choose the level of difficulty from a simple 6 piece cut for young kids to 247 pieces for older children and grown-ups. For childen we generated the puzzles to 20 pieces. Online jigsaw puzzles help people to learn mouse control, it's educational and good fun. Enjoy this website with baby jigsaws and kids jigsaws.

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Online jigsaw puzzles of kids for kids


Little boy with Ernie and Bert

  Girl in a flower dress   Boy wearing a baseball cap
Girl with flowers in her hair    Girl with cuddly sunflower    Girl and her cuddly friends 
Girl and her cat in a pink tub    Baby boy in a willow basket   Girl with yellow flowers




We are very proud, Ms. Arja Peels from Studio Calimero - professional baby and kids photographer - gave us permission to generate the above baby and kids puzzles for Onlinejigsawpuzzles.net.   

 For any questions or comments, mail Arja or visit her website


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