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  The Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle Site. Upscale, high quality, hard to find jigsaw puzzles.        
  Mr. Puzzle        

We sell mostly mechanical puzzles but also stock jigsaw puzzles and other puzzling items. Mostly we have wooden puzzles, although you will find many other puzzles incl. cast puzzles, other metal puzzles.


The Jigsaw Puzzle Doctor - No more missing jigsaw puzzle piecesThe Jigsaw Doctor - No more missing jigsaw puzzle pieces. The Jigsaw Doctor can make your old jigsaw puzzle like new, by replacing lost or damaged jigsaw puzzle pieces with an almost perfect replica!


Puzzle Master has a large and unique collection of brain teasers & puzzles for sale. In addition they also carry chess, mechanical banks, puzzle books, magic trick books, boomerangs, etc.

  Turn your favorite photo or artwork into your own personal jigsaw puzzle.        
  Jigsaw Puzzles        
  Thousands of free jigsaw puzzles, jigsaw puzzle articles, moving jigsaw puzzles, video jigsaw puzzles and free online puzzle games!         
  Fell2Earth - Online Jigsaw Puzzles         
  Free online jigsaw puzzles from thousands of images.  Daily and weekly puzzles.        
  Puzzlegames HQ  - free flash puzzle games and downloads        
  Clever Puzzles - Clever brain games for ages 8 - 88        
  Eric Solomon - games and puzzles of skill.        
  Blue Alcove - Lots of great jigsaw puzzles for the whole family.        
  Awesome Games        
  Play awesome flash games at, the best arcade online for free flash games.         
  Puzzlr Word Puzzles        
  IQ test        
  Take our PhD certified IQ Tests. We also have loads of PhD certified Aptitude & other Self-Assessment Tests.        
  Free online games        
  Online games at         
  Pets Supplies Shop online for pet supplies, pet care products for house hold pets as well as small garden animals at low internet prices and fast home delivery service -        
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  Big Jigsaw Online Puzzle         
  A great selection of online jigsaw puzzles up to 14060 pieces        
  Cam chickens         

You can see them day and night. There is a chicken webcam in the henhouse. Also lovely poultry wallpapers.

  Discussion forums and information portal for parents with children.         
  Puzzle directory        
  Listed on: link directory        
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