Help creating custom online jigsaw puzzles

On our website you can easily create an online jigsaw puzzle and share it with your friends or family.

No image upload option, but no registration required either

All you need is the web address of your image file. Enter this in the “URL to image” field and press the “Create Link” button.

We do not store your photo nor do we use, publish, or distribute the image link or puzzle.

The puzzle is yours alone and you are the only one who can share it with friends or family.

Image Adress

The custom puzzle page requires the URL (URL) of the photo you want to use as a puzzle. Photos must be JPG, PNG or GIF image files located somewhere on the web. Some examples of photos you can save for free are (instructions on how to get facebook photo urls) and (instructions on how to get imgur photo urls). Note that many file and photo storage sites like DropBox no longer allow direct URL access to photos, so they cannot be used to create custom puzzles. A valid direct image file address displays .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .gif anywhere in the address (usually at the end).

If you still can’t figure it out, get in touch

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