Jigsaw Puzzles

Feline Inspiration

The idea of cat jigsaw puzzles is to bring you closer to your cat if you are away from home, or even have fun in the evening assembling a puzzle with your cat next to you.
It is such a fun and fast activity to see the final image. Cats have an incredible attitude and independence. They are connected to spiritual enlightenment, balance, liberty and among others, intuition. Such characteristics are expressed through their face expression. It is not a surprise that Egyptians showed a particular attention to them. You can see it in our amazing puzzle collection. Felines of different breeds will enlighten your day and relax your brain.

A next level challenge

Did you kow that the first function of a jigsaw puzzle was to teach geography? They were firstly called dissected maps and started to be used around the 18th century. Jigsaw puzzles have remained so popular and resisted time sice then. Cat jigsaw puzzles can be used in a classroom if you work with kids, since they generally love animals. This may ease your work and make the job less tiring since the pieces aren’t complex. Accessing it online and for free, gives you the chance to save the website for any later occassion.